Keeping a Church Healthy Requires Keeping Yourself Holy

03/08/2019By Mark EldredgeChurch Revitalization, Current News, Featured, News

The American Anglican Council’s (AAC) Church Revitalization program, ReVive!, teaches that rather than focusing on church growth, it is better to focus on church health. If the church is healthy, it will naturally grow. In looking at the Church in Thyatira in Revelation 2 through “Church Revitalization Eyes,” the first thing that stands out is … Read More

Revive Your Church by Taking Risks

02/21/2019By Mark EldredgeChurch Revitalization, Current News, News

Church Revitalization is all about bringing new life to existing churches. With that in mind, I recently began a series examining the seven existing churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 through “church revitalization eyes.” Do Jesus’ words to them say anything to us about revitalizing our congregations today? This article looks at the second … Read More