• Committed to Defending Christian Liberties

    Dear Friends of the Anglican Re-alignment,   When the battles first began to shape up over the definition of marriage, I was invited to the Manhattan Declaration meeting in New York City, and became an initial signatory. Little did we appreciate at the time how...

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  • The Gospel is Under Assault

      Not everything claiming to be benign actually is…   This week, I’d like to share about two areas where the Gospel is particularly under assault.   The first is in the Church. There is nowhere in the Church where there is more vulnerability for...

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  • Leadership Lessons from the Lions’ Den

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,   Following up the article I wrote last week on the connection between character and competency, I revisited an article I read by Perry Noble on “The Five Core Values of a Church in Decline.” Noble advises us to...

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  • Engaging ISIS

    When I was serving as a USAF pilot, I always remember flying over “Batman,” Turkey. For Westerners it is a memorable name due to the fictional crime fighting hero of the same name. Rather than referring to the “Caped Crusader,” it is probably just a...

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