• From behind the Sharia Law curtain

    GlobalView   I was in a convenience store before heading to the airport trying to think if I needed to pick anything up for my trip. My eye fell on a bag of peanuts and I had the strong impression not just that I “could”...

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  • Mission Roundtable in Singapore

    GlobalView from Bishop Bill Atwood   In 1998, I spoke with Norman Beale, an American missionary working in Nepal. He was speaking about the cultural challenges of trying to make links with India. Sometimes, those who are close geographically are not the most natural links....

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  • Unintended Consequences – TEC in Africa

    In 1859 in Geelong, Australia (across the bay from Melbourne), a couple of guys were sittin’ around lookin’ for sumptin’ to do. They decided to release twenty-four rabbits into the wild and go hunting for them. Apparently, their hunting skills were on par with their...

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  • What We Can Learn From Uganda

    Global view from Bishop Bill Atwood   Almost exactly fourteen years ago, in November 2000, I was traveling from Lango to the North of Uganda when I came to a police roadblock. The road was completely barricaded, blocked by police vehicles and vicious looking tire spike...

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