• The Court that is not Supreme in God’s sight

    GlobalView from Bishop Bill Atwood appears every Tuesday in the American Anglican Council’s International Email Update.   The tumultuous Supreme Court decision last Friday mandating same-sex marriage all across the USA creatively and tragically articulated a departure not only from more than two-hundred years of...

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  • TRANScendent DNA

    In our journey through this world we sometimes look around, see the emerging social, cultural and spiritual chaos and wish for the “good ol’ days.”  In fact, I remember the “good ol’ days” fairly well, and there were quite a few things that we have left behind that I...

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  • Learning from Africa. Again.

    GlobalView from Bishop Bill Atwood   Many people wonder how the Anglican Church in such Provinces as Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda has managed to have such stellar fruit in church planting. It is certainly true that church growth was dramatically impacted by the East African...

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  • Channels, Fences, and Bridging Divides

    GlobalView from Bishop Bill Atwood   In years past, I’ve had the opportunity to teach at four or five seminaries and at a bunch of Diocesan training centers. One occurrence stands out from those experiences. About thirty years ago I was asked to do a course...

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