• Global View: Syria and ISIS

    Six years ago, I found out that not only was I a snorer (industrial strength buzz-saw), but I also discovered that I had sleep apnea. That is a condition, often connected with snoring, in which the breathing airway is occluded during sleep. In the space...

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  • Naive or Duplicitous

    The Archbishop of Canterbury’s recent remarks are once again somewhat puzzling. One question that comes to mind is whether he really believes this statement that he made: “I could see circumstances in which there could be people moving apart and then coming back together.”  With...

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  • Global View: Why Death

    It is not unusual for someone to ask, “Why would a loving God allow death?” Usually, the question comes at a time when they are reeling from the death of a loved one with whom they have been close. It is very difficult to engage...

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  • Global View: Changing the Atmosphere

    Aeronautical engineering is a tremendously precise discipline. Aircraft have to be made to exacting specifications. Mostly, they are not terribly complex. Instead, they are a giant conglomeration of lots and lots of simple, small machines or systems. Now days, lots of planes “fly-by-wire,” using computers...

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